Friday, May 27, 2011

On a lighter note...

About two months ago, I started changing my diet again. Some of the things either no longer in the mix or only in true moderation are: Sweets/sugar, wheat products, and dairy.

Of course this is restrictive, but there are many, many great things you can still eat. In fact, it forces you to think about other foods that have been crowded out with "norm" foods: things that we're conditioned to think we should have every day because they're the most available (and frankly not the healthiest options, they're just what's for sale). While sweets are out of the mix, I still eat fruit and small amounts of dried fruit.

What's so great about this? Well, weight loss isn't one of them to be honest with you. Here's what I've noticed:
  • My blood sugar is much more stable which translates to better energy throughout the day (mental and physical).
  • Skin issues are also long gone - no pimples whatsoever.
  • My mind is clearer
  • No more heartburn
  • I get to go to the bathroom every single day.  Yes, that's a big deal.
This is very "no-mores" focused, but let's face it, when you're banging your head against the wall to fix a lot of seemingly unconnected, nagging issues, you notice their absence. For me, that absence is met with relief - I can focus on many other things.

Nobody's been able to explain some of the metabolic/energy issues I've had throughout my life, but it's good to get to this point.  Getting people to fixate on themselves is really, really big business.  I hate that about our culture, by the way. Google "Googlechondria" and you'll see what I mean.

I don't need any magic fixes or diets or pills or fancy diagnoses.  I'm just thankful to have found what works enough.    

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