Sunday, May 22, 2011

Bibi Netanyahu and Barack Obama in Their Early 20s

So many conversations can be started with this photo comparison of Bibi and Barack in their early 20s. Here are a few quick hits that came to mind for me:

- Bibi is gorgeous.

- The difference is startling: One photo demonstrates manliness, responsibility, courage, wisdom, adulthood, purpose, confidence in oneself, and intelligence. The other represents running away from oneself, fitting in, sloth, siphoning, waiting, childhood, skating by.

Who would you rather have standing next to you in a crisis situation. Who would you rather have standing next to you if you had been in NY when the Twin Towers were collapsing. Who is going to stand by your side when times get tough. Who is going to run or look to you instead and expect you to take care of things for them, instead of setting themselves aside so that both of you can survive?

Who has the will? Who has the strength to lay down their life for you?

I believe we should all be willing to rise to the occasion and sacrifice for and with one another, through the grace of God. Without that grace, we're shells... we're the guy on the right side of the pic.

Where do you want to stand? Or sit...?

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  1. My money is on the real man with the gun.