Friday, April 1, 2011

JoAnne Kloppenburg Re-Victimizes Sex Abuse Victims

Yes, she does.

And there is a special place in hell for people like her, right next to sex abusers.

Miss Kloppenburg, do you have any idea how much sexual abuse destroys a child's life?

Completely. Children don't have the capacity to understand and navigate the shame they feel, they don't sort that out until many years later. And guess what! Child sex abuse is a gift that keeps on giving - the victim is never free - and they are left holding the bag. There is no magic bullet to healing, they have to clean up the situation and many of them never can. There is no full recourse for sex abuse victims. They are some of the most vulnerable of all victims.

Because their perceptions are damaged, many victims go on to be re-victimized. That is how life can align itself for the abuse victim. No, that doesn't make sense to the non-sexually-abused, but victims understand it completely. On top of this, abusers can smell the formerly abused from miles away.

So to have Kloppenburg running this ad and deliberately NOT asking for the ad to be pulled only says one thing: she condones it. She condones reactivating all of the emotions, messed up perceptions, shame and feelings of filth in two victims and quite honestly - in many victims. I hope that the victims SUE THE SHIT out of her for emotional damage.

She should be fully ashamed of herself and go hide in a cave, forever, for compelling a sex abuse victim, who just wants to get on with his life, to publicly refute her ad and proclaim the truth about being victimized. Now that, is pure evil.


  1. I hope that the victims SUE THE SHIT out of her for emotional damage

    There's a generous helping of shit to be found there, starting in her cranium.

  2. And rocks in her soul.

    And those who came up with the ad, and refuse to stop running it. Special place in hell.