Saturday, February 27, 2016

Should I Blog More?

About nine months ago the most wonderful thing happened to me: my son Richard was born.  My husband and I couldn't be more blessed and fortunate to have this wonderful little man in our lives.  Since that day, I've written many blog posts in my head.  Many of them took place while I was rocking Richie to sleep overnight during the summer.

These blog posts were all about being a new Mother, Wife, and family life.  We are traditional Catholics and without our faith, I don't see how our experience of family could have been nearly this amazing.

So my posts would be about that.  Five years ago I would have said, BORING, and I would have been completely wrong.  There is nothing boring about family life, unless you think that growing as a person and seeing God's love manifest through you is boring.  When I look back on life before marriage and family... well, I think that was pretty boring.  Anyway.  Family and marriage don't turn you into a mind-numbed robot that is programmed for arts, crafts and complaining.  If they do, you're doing it wrong.  You're still yourself at heart, only a vastly improved version.

So maybe I will.  There may be a lot of jokes about poop-wrangling and secret confessions about how many days I've gone without showering, or my c-section "Mom Bod" which is forever changed.  But it'll all be happy.  Because when you have so much to live for, life has so much happiness that you can't hold it and can't help leaving a trail of it wherever you go.