Thursday, December 16, 2010

Discovering Fulton Sheen

Being a traditional Catholic keeps getting better all the time. It's never stagnant, never the same old tepidity of the Novus Ordo (that's modern Catholicism if you're not familiar). So sad that the traditions of wisdom and fruit of the spirit have fallen by the wayside. Without truth, nothing can progress. Without truth and discipline together, we just sit there.

While reading my more usual Catholic reads, I often heard the name of Archbishop Fulton Sheen. While I knew he was renown, I didn't know that he also had radio and television shows from the 30's through the end of the 60's. The magic of the interwebs provides a platform for anyone to access his television programs. Yesterday, I watched a couple of episodes of his Life Is Worth Living program. I wanted to share these with you, and encourage you to take time to watch other series by the Archbishop. Watch these or any other episodes of his program, and you'll see a style of teaching and authority of presence that was once more common in education. Maybe not everywhere, but more than we see today. They taught us how to learn.

When I watch videos like the ones posted here, I am reminded that all inspiration and law comes from God. It's hard to be human, we want and we want so much, we want it now, and preferably for our own selves, first. Without slowing down and thinking about our thought, it's easy to let things get away from us and take on lives of their own... right under our own roofs.

The truth is simple in itself, but hard to adhere to. We make things complicated in extrapolation and hiding from what we don't want to see. With that in mind, you may find this very refreshing. Enjoy.


  1. After Sheen, start reading Fr. J. Schall (SJ).

    Don't let the 'Jebbie' qualification fool you. He's terrific.

    Latest offering: "The Mind That Is Catholic." Some easy reading, some not-so-easy, ALL guaranteed to help you understand that the Church's philosophy is really the philosophy of Common Sense.

  2. What happened to my comment!!! Hrmph.

    Earlier this year I bought said book :) Working on it at my own pace...and I agree, it is the philosophy of common sense. Simple, but challenging. Good stuff.