Wednesday, October 27, 2010

So I Rode The Bus....

It only took 40 mph winds to make this happen.  I live along a bus route and walk or bike about a mile to work. From time to time I'll call a taxi, which might be due to inclement weather, my ass being late, or frankly... I just want someone to drive me to work.

I've ridden the bus literally thousands of times.  Growing up in the 80s was not like it is now.  We couldn't boss our parents around into driving us everywhere and then subjecting them to dropping us off a block away from school.  Nope, if we wanted to go somewhere, or had to get to work after school, our ride was the bus.
Riding the bus isn't all it's cracked up to be nowadays.  It was very different when we lived in a more polite society where civil decorum was the norm. Act up, and that driver was going to tell you to get off the bus.  And for the most part, the perps did just that. Anyhow, even when we were more civil, I promised myself that one day I'd have a car and the freedom to drive myself where I pleased.

Well, I broke down and hopped on the bus after work yesterday.  I'm trying to pay off some debt as you know, and the bus is cheaper than a taxi. I'll bet that my walk is one of the windiest in the entire city and you know what?  I can't remember the last time that I couldn't walk home because the wind was too strong.  That's a first.

But... the bus wasn't so bad. 

I'll remember that when it's purple toe weather.

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